About ICS

We train & teach excellence!

In the fall of 1977, a group of families were concerned about the demoralization of Christian and conservative values. They were dismayed at the secular emphasis on Darwinism and biological evolution in the public system of education. That band of Christians mustered together at Immanuel Baptist Church and made the decision to begin a professional institution of higher learning.  Immanuel  Christian School has existed since that time for the purpose of providing a quality, college preparatory or vocational education in a Christ-centered atmosphere for grades K4-12.

It is the belief of ICS that Scripture instructs parents to train their children in the ways and principles of the Lord as outlined in Scripture. ICS exists to help those families in the educational process. The school holds to the statement of faith and positions of separation and biblical teaching that characterize Immanuel Baptist Church and is designed to best serve Bible-believing, protestant Christian families. The ICS model of education is teacher-led and traditionally-based, beginning with the explicit phonics approach to reading and early elementary emphasis on math and reading. ICS emphasizes utilizing the skill sets learned and necessary for mastery of subject matter in both skills-based and reading-based academic classes. Students are taught solid academics. They are also instructed in principles of Christian living for all areas of life, the pride of American patriotism, traditionally accurate history, godly character, the biblical worldview, and the rejection of humanism, biological evolution, and all other forms of Darwinian thinking.

From K4 through grade 12, ICS is “distinctively Christian,” with all students enrolled in Bible classes each year they attend the school. ICS graduates have attended many different Christian colleges, as well as other secular institutions of higher learning. ICS graduates serve today in various professional careers, including: Christian ministry, military, medicine, music, construction, large and small business entrepreneurship, law enforcement, domestic engineering, management, and all levels of academic faculty.

ICS utilizes the ABeka curriculum for most grades and subjects. The ABeka curriculum exceeds common-core curriculum requirements and is based on traditional education in both “skills” (English Grammar/Etymology/Math/Computer Applications) and “reading” (Science/History/Literature/Religion) core classes, with a college-preparatory diploma earned.

ICS trains and teaches principles of character, respect, responsibility, accountability, and excellence!