Several particular strengths make ICS a family-friendly educational institution. The school day begins by students pledging allegiance to the American and Christian flags, as well as to the Bible. Homerooms incorporate Scripture memorization and patriotism in the educational process. Classrooms are marked by discipline and the free flow of academic information from a teacher-led perspective. The teacher to student ratio is smaller, enabling the faculty to work with each student and family on an individual basis if necessary.
  • ICS facilities include a regulation-size gymnasium, a regulation-size softball/baseball field, campus security, ample classrooms, computer lab, library, advanced audio/video access, all-facility internet access, and a clean, healthy, safe, Christian, modern learning environment on 50 beautiful acres.

  • ICS students continue to excel in national academic testing, including the SAT, OLSAT, and ACT. The school average of excellence moves ahead each year, with several students ranking into the 90+ percentiles for their particular grades. All high school students participate in the ACT process and pursue college preparatory diplomas. There is no homework on Wednesday evenings so families can attend midweek services at their churches. Limited homework is given on weekends, and no homework is assigned over Christmas break as the semester ends before the break begins.

  • ICS utilizes the best of school teaching environments. The approach is traditional, with teachers instructing students in daily subject matter. Particular attention is given to cognizant learning procedures and the comprehensive learning approach to subject mastery in both reading and skills subjects. Middle and high school student education includes in-depth technological presentations that utilize multi-media technology and student computer usage in classes. Simply put, the teachers teach, the students quietly learn, and the educational process moves from the known to the unknown: the traditional approach of all American education until the 1960s.

  • ICS curriculum is carefully chosen from among several prominent publishing companies, including A Beka Books, Bob Jones University Press, Saxon Math, and Positive Action For Christ. ICS graduates have been accepted at many Christian and secular colleges and universities, pursuing many various professional or ministry careers.

  • Believing God’s Word to be the only source of true wisdom, ICS holds Bible classes for all grades and features weekly chapel services. ICS utilizes the King James Version of the Bible in all classes and assigned reading. Biblical truth is inculcated in all classes. ICS teaches the ex-nihilo, intelligent design approach of Creation and a biblical world view is expressed in all academic venues.

  • The ICS school year is 36 weeks in length, includes exams for all students grades 7-12, and reaches from the day after Labor Day to the week of Memorial Day, ending after the high school graduation ceremony. Students have Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Good Friday/Easter break, and occasional breaks for faculty enrichment and/or training.

Tuition fees are less than $250/month – additional discounts are given for additional children from the same family.

Please call us for more information on the most important investment of your lifetime: the education of your children in a Christian, Creation-based school!