Students in kindergarten work towards being “free readers” by the end of their K-5 year, graduating with a diploma at the annual award ceremony. Intense focus on explicit phonetic reading and reading comprehension, as well as math skills, are stressed through the elementary grades so students can master the subject matter, preparing them for academic success in junior and senior high school focusing on college preparatory educational pursuits in both reading and skills-based classes.
books-education-school-literature-48126By third grade, students focus on traditional academics, with intensity given in math and spelling skills, as well as the introduction of history and science methodology.
Upper elementary students are encouraged to focus on subject mastery and begin practice in etymology, pre-algebraic math concepts, and basic computer keyboarding instruction as well as theoretic procedures in the core subjects.
Middle school students work in earnest towards goal-oriented core subject matter, with involvement in science knowledge and the scientific process, drama, historical and geographical knowledge, and computer keyboarding skills. They engage in periodic homework assignments, compositions, progress in etymology, and continue toward more advanced math skills.
High school students at ICS enjoy the challenges of learning academics in preparation for possible further education after graduation. A focus is placed on excellence in all subjects with concentrations in biblical knowledge, religion, math skill, language and writing proficiency, computer applications (professional and personal platforms), the scientific method and experimentation, geographical application, authentic historical knowledge, civil government procedure  proficiency, and American and global literature study. Drama, journalism, yearbook layout and creativity, as well as athletics are included in the high school program. Credits are given for classes passed.  ICS is a member of the National Christian Honor Society, the Michigan Association of Christian Schools, and the American Association of Christian Schools.
ICS is recognized by the State of Michigan as meeting the standards for non-chartered, non-tax supported, schools. ICS meets and exceeds the standard public school requirement for college preparatory graduation in Michigan.
Immanuel Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, serving Christian US citizens and legal immigrants.